Wolfie wins an Emmy

In 2004 Wolfie won the daytime Emmy* Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition & Direction for his work on the animated WB series “ Static Shock”.

Back To School

Wolfie's first movie soundtrack with songs written & produced, including the theme. No.1 Boxoffice hit.

Crimson Tide

The back of the Crimson Tide album, early 80’s. Wolf’s first album release as a band member/songwriter on Capitol Records. Southern Rock on the funky side of town.

Karate Kid 2

Got to produce Springsteen mate Southside Johnny (of the Jukes) for the soundtrack. No.1 Box Office.

Angela Bofil

The great producer Narada Walden guides the outstanding jazz singer Angela Bofill on an R&B cover of the Wolf-Perkins rocker "Call Of The Wild".

Who's That Girl

The first movie produced and starring Madonna. She had all the music for the soundtrack but was still looking for one last dance song to complete the movie. Warner Bros. had sent her 200 songs but she rejected them all.

A few days before the movie was slated to ship, they finally called Wolfie who coughed up a song that Madonna finally thought made the grade.

Ironically about a decade later Madonna was producing a movie starring the popular teens Hillary and Haley Duff & was looking for a club record for “ Material Girls”. She used a Wolf solo penned and produced track for the scene.

Rebirth Of The Cool

This was the first compilation album in the new genre "acid jazz". It featured A Tribe Called Quest, and Laquan-the first artist produced by Wolf & Epic rapping over one of their first acid jazz tracks. The Rebirth of the Cool series expanded over many volumes becoming the definitive archive to fans of acid jazz.

Strictly Business

The debut of Halle Berry with the Wolf & Epic produced & written Laquan single as the opening title theme. The soundtrack was also the debut of the Queen of hip-hop soul, Mary J. Blige.

Bell Biv Devoe

Wolf & Epic in the studio with Bell Biv Devoe (Left), early 90’s.BBD’s “Poison” was the first Hip-hop/Pop/R&B album and it pioneered a new sound that changed R & B music till now.. It sold over 4 million albums worldwide.

Bell Biv Devoe hanging out in Wolf’s home studio with Elijah (right) during the recording of their third album, the gold certified “Hootie Mac”.

MC Lyte

MC Lyte, the first (& greatest) female solo rap artist, did a guest rap on a Wolf produced track for New Kids On The Block in New York, 1993. Wolf & Epic produced 5 tracks on the MC Lyte album” Act Like You Know”, including the title track and the  Hit single “Eyes Are The Soul”.

 Lyte (now also acting in numerous films & tv shows) & The Wolfster reunited in 2004 to work on tracks for her latest albums. MC Lyte is now universally recognized as one of the greatest MCs of all time with a career spanning well over a decade.

Freddie Mercury

“The Great Pretender” album by the immortal Freddie Mercury included "Love KIlls" which was also used as the end title theme for National Lampoon's "Loaded Weapon".


Eazy-E, the founder of NWA and Ruthless Records, hanging out in Wolf’s Sherman Oaks studio. When Dr.Dre left the group he was anxious for Wolf & Epic to produce tracks for him. We could not agree on moral grounds to some of the lyrics. We remained friends and he signed our group “Blood Of Abraham” to his label.

New Kids On The Block

New Kids On The Block, the original boy band,hanging out while recording tracks with Wolf for their album Face The Music.

Nona Gaye

In 1991 Wolf produced tracks for Marvin Gaye’s daughter, the great singer and actress (Ali, The Matrix movies) Nona Gaye for her album Love For The Future.

Three Kings

Got to work with genius director David O Russell & Mark Wahlberg.

Scooby Doo & The CyberChase

Wolf's first experience composing and writing to animation story boards. Led to the gig composing for "Static Shock".

Fox Sports Net

Since 1999 Fox Sports has been using Wolf’s themes for over 19 sports and sports programs. Many years later Wolf continues to compose themes and background scores for the Network including the newly penned “FSN Standard Network Theme” and "FSN Classic Theme”.
In a Film & TV Music Special Issue The Hollywood Reporter did a feature spotlighting Wolfie’s music for the Fox Sports Network. And in the coming year Fox Sports is releasing a compilation CD of all of Wolf's themes for use by its 22 Regional Affiliate stations entitled "FSN 21st Century Sports Themes".


The great rapper and actor Coolio layed down vocals for Wolf produced party tracks they collaborated on for the compilation Soul Blitz.

Static Shock

Wolfies work as composer earned Emmy nominations two years in a row as well as an Emmy Award win for Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition & Direction for a Daytime Program.


Since it’s first season on UPN “ America’s Next Top Model” has grown in popularity – and it’s reliance on Wolf’s music. Now the centerpiece of the CW Network and entering it’s fourth year on TV, the hit show relies on Wolf for much of it’s custom locale music as well as it’s hip hop and “ Segment Themes” for the judging and elimination sequences.

Among the dozen other shows that Wolf contributes  special music to are"N.C.I.S.",
"The Pussycat Dolls", "ER", "The Ellen Degeneris Show" ,“Last Comic Standing”,
“The View”, “ Girlfriends”, “ The Bachelor” & “ The Tyra Banks Show”.

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